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Brett Reylander, British actor, comedian, radio and television presenter, known for his roles on British television.

Brett was born in St Albans, Hertfordshire. He studied Law at Southampton Solent University a course in Nanomedicine at the University of Oxford, and Acting at college in St Albans now part of the University of Hertfordshire.


His television roles include Scott in British drama television series Holby City (BBC1), as Chris in British television drama series Grange Hill (BBC1), Steve in Cone Zone (ITV), Mr Johnston in My Hero (UK TV series) (BBC1), and with guest roles in the British television drama programme London's Burning (ITV1), the British television detective drama Midsomer Murders (ITV1) and in various characters on the hidden camera/practical joke reality television series Trigger Happy TV As a presenter on television channels NBC Europe and Nickelodeon and on local British BBC and commercial radio stations County Sound Radio (1566 AM) and Eagle Radio and as a reporter for Capital South Coast.

As a contributor on the British motoring television series Fifth Gear on Channel 5 (UK).

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